Our blackberries are appreciated far beyond Belgium’s borders. The characteristics of the Belgian climate and the careful cultivation and processing by Royakkers result in blackberries that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Blackberries from 25+ years of experience

In 1991, five years after the strawberry farm started, the Royakkers brothers decided to grow other small fruit. This is when the search for a method to grow raspberries and blackberries that taste as good as the strawberries all began.

Today, more than 25 years later, we’ve expanded our knowledge and possibilities considerably, and we can offer excellent quality blackberries. We grow our blackberries partly in greenhouses (from January to the beginning of the summer) and partly in open fields (from September to November). Always with the greatest care, from the initial plant to the transport.

Growing blackberries with care for the climate

As fruit farmers, we have a duty to take care of nature and the climate. After all, without a healthy climate we wouldn’t be able to do what we’ve been enjoying doing so much all these years. That’s why we’re keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible by working sustainably whenever possible.

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Blackberry plant from Royakkers

If you’d like to pick your own blackberries, we can help. We grow blackberry plants until they’re just large enough to produce healthy, high-quality fruit. We then pot them carefully, so all you have to do is put the plant in the soil. You can already start enjoying delicious blackberries from your own plant in the same year!

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