We cultivate, pick and prepare each raspberry for transport with great patience, which results in raspberries known for their firm structure, juiciness, and soft taste.


We grow our raspberries over an area of seven hectares. Here, the plants receive everything they need to produce fruit with the best quality and taste, from just the right amount of water to protective rain covers. All this keeps the quality of our raspberries as high as possible.

Every bowl of raspberries has to be exemplary, and this requires patience and precision throughout the growing process. That means carefully tending the plants and raspberries in the soil, and making sure the fruit is sorted and presented with the utmost care.

Delicious raspberries, good for nature

Caring for the environment is a major concern at Royakkers. We’re aware of our duty to contribute to a cleaner planet as a fruit farm, so we do everything we can to limit the impact of cultivation on nature. For example, we recirculate water and fertilisers.

Find out what else we do for the environment here.

Raspberry plant from Royakkers

Besides raspberries, we also supply beautiful healthy raspberry plants. If you want to pick your own raspberries. Royakkers has raspberry bushes with top quality fruits!

More information about our raspberry plants

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