Royakkers’ strawberries are grown with great care. Thanks to the right timing and right treatment, we can pick strawberries almost all year round.

Delicious strawberries all year round

Strawberries were the very first fruit grown by the Royakkers family, more than 30 years ago. What all began in a home-made greenhouse in the garden now covers more than 12 hectares of strawberry fields.

Whether in the greenhouse or the open soil, strawberries from Royakkers develop into beautiful, tasty fruit.

Royakkers grows two types of strawberry:

  • Elsanta: these are grown on raised beds
  • Portola: consistently produces fruit that can be harvested for 10 months

Strawberries grown with respect for nature

At Royakkers, we’re passionate about plants and fruit, and obviously this extends to nature as a whole. It’s only logical, given this, that we grow our strawberries patiently and sustainably. This not only benefits nature, it also promotes the quality and taste of our strawberries.

Find out what we do to protect nature here.

If you’re interested in our strawberries,

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